My days are filled with dreaming of shopping; No truly, they are. Staying current and fresh for each season: pastels for Spring, chunky knits for Fall, you know, the usual sort of thing. The catch however, or the “snag” in my oh-so-gorgeous-cashmere-dream-sweater if you will…is my almost penny-less bank account. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a job haha.  I work in Marketing for a top Canadian retailer and I really love what I do. The thing is, I’m finding that student loans and the general strains of “adulting” tend to cost a bit more than I ever really thought they would. I was definitely not prepared for this coming out of school. Hello real world. This all results in me pinching a few pennies each month from the deep ravines of my couch and getting thrifty and a little more creative with the shops I visit. So from one Shopaholic “Becky” look-alike to the next, here are a few of my favourite don’t-break-the-bank shops:

LAYERED + LONG  [feminine & minimalist]
(may I suggest the Dainty Open Heart necklace $38)

Kurafuchi [bold & bohemian]
(may I suggest the Multicolour Double Tassel Bracelet $28)

Urban Outfitters [hello sale section]
(may I suggest the Alice & UO Crochet Inset Dress $35)

Old Navy [no, i’m not 60 years old]
(may I suggest the Fringe Tee $13, Slouchy Trousers $24 & the Leather-look-a-like sandals $23)

Plum & Co. [sporty & a bit sassy]
(may I suggest the “Messy Hair” Sweatshirt $33)

ttyl.  j


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