Had my first grown-up #adulting experience this fall; I went on a solo adventure to London, England. Cheerio! Righto! Tickety Boo! I booked a one-way ticket and that was that it was happening. I’ve never traveled anywhere by myself so this way pretty darn daring in my world.

#yolo [wait is yolo still a thing, I don’t even know…]

My original plan was to visit my cousin in Dublin Ireland, it has been the top spot on my bucket list for quite some time. Then I got to thinking…I’ve never been to any part of Europe and I’m flying into London–why not stay for a bit? Rather than flying straight from London to Dublin, I decided to stay for a few days and explore. I stayed in a hostel for four days and took in all the sights. It was a jam-packed whirlwind adventure.

London is definitely a young vibrant city and easy to fall in love with. I could 100% see myself living there. The tea was top notch, there were fresh markets everywhere, the streets literally smelled like beer [which I didn’t hate] and the boys & their accents were fairly easy on the eyes [& ears]. Oh, and the Shard was pretty cool too. LOL (BTW who decided that name was a good idea? There had to have been some better options…like maybe: the pointy, the skinny pyramid, the dagger, the splinter…ya know?)

Highlights of the trip:

-attending a Hillsong concert
-taking epic selfies in front of castles
-getting yelled at by a guard at Buckingham Palace for “having a photoshoot for too long” #sorrygottagetthatinsta
-watching the changing of the guard
-Big Ben being under construction for the first time in like 400 years….Cool Ben, good timing
-the wizarding world of HP #gryffindor
-seeing the crown jewels
-calling my gramma from St.Paul’s Cathedral and letting her hear the chiming of the bells
-attending a service at Westminster Abbey
-having a pint with a random group of British guys and telling them all about how back in Canada I live in an Igloo, see p.bears all the time, was born on skates and love hockey & beer…actually, not far from the truth (well the last part at least) lol

London was incredible, to say the least.

ttyl.  j


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  1. Sarah says:

    You saw so much 😱😍😍😍
    Go Team Gryffindor!!

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