Starting over is hard; it doesn’t matter if it was a relationship that ended, a friendship or a career. Honestly, it can suck either way. There’s a silver lining though, it can also be refreshing and lead to positive experiences. Sounds cliche right?

I know, I get it…The day my ex broke up with me [after 9 years & a house I might add], I did not see any light at the end of the tunnel. He crushed me, I was blindsided and he utterly broke my heart. I’m still trying to find the pieces of my heart, but as I look for them I’m learning so much about myself and doing a little of the growing up that I somehow missed out on while we were together. It seems people know what they are talking about when they say “you’ll get through this and you’ll look back and be so happy it ended this way now”.  It’s like I was holding my breath for nine years without realizing it and now I can breathe again. *sighhhh*

The scattered pieces of my heart have started to show up in some of the most unexpected places as well: in the stands of a rugby field with new friends, the office of a marketing agency, the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, the thriving urban suburb of mission and the heart of London England at a random pub with a pint of beer. Life sure does have a funny way of surprising you. So to anyone reading this that might be going from bump to bump, dodging potholes and just trying not to run out of gas…keep going, just a few more kilometers [or miles] and you’ll find yourself at the sweetest destination yet, your new chapter.


ttyl.  j

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