Things that make me say Umm No.

I’ve decided to start an ongoing list of all the things that make me cringe, shake my head, sigh dramatically and roll my eyes lol. Because you know what? Sometimes it’s just nice to bond over mutually hated things.

  • hair ties that don’t go around 3x
  • the bottom of the all natural peanut butter jar [aka the pulp]
  • when my bangs are too long and I can’t wear a hat and I resemble something along the lines of a “highland steer”
  • when you’re sitting down and your high-waisted jeans cut off the circulation to the rest of your body, but it would be inappropriate to undo your top button
  • when your teeth feel fuzzy after eating sweets and you don’t have access to a toothbrush to fix that
  • the new snapchat layout
  • end of the season cliffhangers for your fav tv shows and wondering whether your fav couple gets together for good this time… #thenewgirl
  • finances, aka money, aka hocus pocus I’m brokus
  • stepping on the end of the cord for my curling iron [the grown-up version of stepping on a lego]
  • dog hair on my clothes, further to this…any hair on my clothes really.
  • pumping gas in -40 degree snowy weather
  • transitional lenses
  • people who unnecessarily wear their sunglasses inside… [okay, you probably could’ve waited that extra 10 ft before you put them on]
  • cleaning up dog poop…I gag like every dad in any tv show or movie does when they are changing a diaper, I truly can’t control it
  • being late…don’t get me wrong I’m usually always late, but I hate it every time. #getittogetherjen
  • wet, unruly bangs
  • dating apps–guys are either pigs or they ghost you…I really don’t think there’s an in-between? *sighhh*
  • greeting cards…way too much pressure to come up with something original & witty in such a small space just for the person to throw it out a month later. Also, there needs to be a pen specifically made for greeting cards, because either they don’t write on the card paper or they bleed right through. #nowinning
  • when your ankle sock slides half way down your foot inside your shoe
  • glitchy computer things–when you are trying to rename a folder in Outlook on a mac and it takes 3x before it will actually accept the name
  • snow in April…WHY CALGARY? 😦
  • passive aggressive people
  • slow internet/wifi
  • creepy people who sit beside you when there are a zillion seats open everywhere else–seems to be common on the train, in church, and at the airport
  • When it’s so hot outside that your hair basically becomes an unwelcome summer scarf for the back of your neck

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