A little TMI…

When people say “my 16-year-old self never would have imagined…” well my sixteen-year-old self never would have imagined what I actually ended up going through at sixteen, that to this day really still causes me some grief. That’s the super awesome thing about grief, it really finds a way to latch on and affect your…

Things that make me say Umm No.

I’ve decided to start an ongoing list of all the things that make me cringe, shake my head, sigh dramatically and roll my eyes lol. Because you know what? Sometimes it’s just nice to bond over mutually hated things.


Dear Santa, First off, love the red & fur accents! Such a great statement colour & truly so slimming with that black leather belt. #soextra 


A few months ago my grandpa passed away and it has truly been one of the hardest experiences in my life thus far.